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"The degree and kind of a mans WiFi password reach up and in to the ultimate pinnacle of his spirit"

- Thus Typeth Friedrich Nietzsche


The weakest amongst us cannot truly empathize, and truly help others. As they say, "the blind lead the blind."

The weakest amongst hurt, as the rest do. But they are not just overwhelmed by the pain, but they quickly revert to a state of 'release,' often inflicting or expressing that pain towards others. Causing pain in others is an expression of weakness in ourselves: A failure in endurance.

To endure pain, and to endure it longer, is to allow to strain on our spirit and grow wider. The widening pain forces us inward, and in forcing us inward we risk reverting back into our one-dimensional selves: into wanting bad upon others as an expulsion and repulsion of all the bad happening to us.

To the weaker, and the strong at weaker moments: You wish bad upon others. You are at a moment of weakness. You flail like a drowning man, but with a closed fist and not outstretched fingers. I know the pain, and the strong amongst the momentary weak will fully know your pain.

The drowning person does not, with any context or depth, know what it means to drown. They revert to the primitive, flailing moment of reaching or striking out. What separates the truly weak from the strong? The weak, at their best, revert to a comfortable ignorance and cannot extend beyond their current experience; The weak forget their onw sufferings when they think of others.

The strongest amongst us know that we are days away from flailing, screaming and punching. This is among the worst of their moments of which they may overcome, as humorous as it may be at a distance, they will could be better swimmers than all of us. The strongest amongst know how weak we can look, and cautiously extend a hand while reverting our eyes...

Grab hold of me of me if it is your moment. Don't, if it is not. I will bring you ashore if you take my hand either way. I will only hate or love you if I know you at your height in life. But an interesting questions opens to us: Is this your strongest or weakest moment? I only know as much in the full-ness of time.

Your darkest moments are only a measure of how deep the waters can be when you drown; The root of evil grow deeper under the branches of good.


I do not tell others my goals.

They will point out: They are unrealistic an impractical.

I need some unrealism - It till force me to stretch myself.


"I don't like religion, but I believe in God."

What is belief in God without religion?



External struggles are internalized.

To struggle externally, ultimately, forces one inwards. A person forced inwards is made deeper by it; To struggle internally is to be made more outwardly effective.

There are those who 'accomplish' much and struggle little other than at, perhaps, some specific moments. They maintain the status of a a financially successful manchild. Perhaps a useful asset, but useless friend and partner beyond the simple.

Let me struggle longer. Let me not be successful with little force. An emotional child at old age. Let all the pain force me inward.

What is God other than the combined expectations of "other people." God is "society," and society is your imagined audience.

Your God doesn't remember all your sins, because you don't. Confident in your own salvation, you think you are great and beloved. A sinner; you believe you are a sinner but struggle to think of examples beyond the immediate and obvious of what you did wrong.

Everyone else around you remembers your sins. Your sins are remembered better by others outside you, and they see you better tan you see yourself.

You'd do better without even believing it. Without mythologize and abstracting it. A simplified language: God. Just say what it really is and get to the facts quickly.

you hold on to God because you hold on to the self-centered qualities of God: God is not other people, my brothers and sisters. God is myself toward myself. "I pray to myself." Then why not say so and embrace yourself honestly?

The Evangelical makes a mockery both of his Atheism and his Evangelism; Like an ape, he ties to make other animals look lower whilst lowering himself.

His hand trembled as he struggled to write.

His brain couldn't take everything. The light, the sound, the temperature of the air. His brain never can; The baseline input to his peripheral nervous is always too much.

He kept getting pulled away by everything. He stared at the pages, and forced himself to write, to write something, to fill in the blanks even it was wrong.

He filled in the blanks. Shaking and trembling he didn't want to write anymore; He was just filled in what he was supposed to, too much going on for any more time spent to do any good. He forced himself to move the paper across the desk and get it away from him.

The man across the desk reached out and slid it toward himself, taking the time to read over it. The man skimmed the blanks to be filled, stopping part way before sighing and throwing the paper down: a mistake.

The man raised the paper to show it to another person across the desk, to show them how retarded the writer was.

Sitting and trembling. Shaking with a complete overload of everything around him, he noticed but didn't think about what any of it meant.

The other person read over the paper, never making eye contact with him.

That person stopped, and looked to the other in shock. Mouth agape and stupefied. The man laid the paper flat, and rocked back in his chair, sighing and thinking if he should say anything.

The man smiled, having laughed enough earlier he was now trying not to laugh. Grinning, he asked the writer if there were he had any questions; A shaking head in response, the man decided to wrap the whole situation up.

The man enjoyed it all. Other people were always a wonderful opportunity to laugh, and this particular event was unusually so.

This admirable, ambitious Christian man had little time for people who needed help. There was too much time being wasted that could be spent on accomplishing more important and Earthly things. He has not been outdone yet in his degeneracy, he needed this time to make it even harder to do so.


Doubt is both the cause and the antidote for evangelism.

A believer who never doubts, also never question examines their own believes. The evangelist is the worst evangelist, and the greatest detractor to their own religion or movement.

But the narcissist is an evangelist for itself, and narcissism is often an excess of self doubt. Too much for a spirit to handle, a great deal of doubt becomes denial and delusion.

Doubt is the sunlight we need to grow; Doubt is what drives into the dark.


A person who overuses punctuation tries too hard to exercise the rhythm of written thought. They out, and overthink their own ideas: they lie.

A person who underuses punctuation thinks rawly and emotionally without an audience beyond the immediate. They write stupidly and honestly.


What is overcoming others, other than the overcoming of the shortest obstacles, of which we select for our own convenience, around us?

I have outdone my neighbor! A declaration of little worth, since you pick among your neighbors the easiest to overcome in the easiest of tasks.

What if I overcome the best of them in the best of tasks? The best by your self serving judgment! Like a child playing with an adult, “I beat you! I beat you!” The adult looks shyly around for your sake, embarrassed by you.

The best of targets is your own self. The best of people hate their own selves whom they have left behind and below. A cringe at a memory: a sign of overcoming, like remembering your own declarations “I beat you!” But now you as the adult of your own self's child.

But you are still child to your own self. Not now, but later. You will look back on yourself, now, with shame. Such is growth and overcoming; good health in good spirits.

Too much self acceptance is a shamelessness of weakness, without the pain needed to move beyond your own self. One who feels pain over oneself does not think of other similarly, at least not easily.

You cringe at yourself, how can you think yourself as being better than a child now? You accept others better than you accept yourself.