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Impressed upon the mind through pain, the deepest memories are of the worst things that have happened to us.

The worst things that have happened to us are not painful simply because they happened. But remain painful because we feel that we deserve what happened to us.

The mind searches for a lesson where very few can be found; fear grows out of a dissatisfaction of this need. Like picking at a scab, the mind reopens wounds to alleviate an immediate discomfort by searching for what is not there.

Accepting that having reasons to blame yourself is not evidence of singular fault. A person does not choose who they are, that they are born, and among whom they are born. We are products of things only beyond our control, and we do not control our failures.

We only believe in free will if we want to claim the right to blame and punish. The better of us reserves that right for against ourselves. The best of us realize that we are our own persecutors.

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Does the “Christian” deserve to have its identity smeared by quotations?

Or is it “Christianity” that deserves to have itself mocked similarly?

Whichever way. Few would argue that the name of Christ needs any encasement, other than that of full respect and honor.

Christ looked up to the sky, crucified in the desert of Israel, “Father, why have you forsaken me?” He spoke on behalf on all of his followers, following him many centuries after, who had been forced to abandon their most essential beliefs out of necessity.

The Christian, under pressure of material pressures, is enjoined with Christ, declaring: “It is us who deserves God and is abandoned by him. And he has forsaken us as he has forsaken himself as Christ.” These persecutors are beyond loving.

Christ pushes his legs against the nails between the bones of his feet, pressing up and splitting the muscles of his feet up to his ankles; His conscience condemned him to this, and his nature is condemned by the entirety of society.

The Christian is left feeling validated by its repudiation and rejection by reality and society. His unfitness is vindication, the evidence of weakness and failure is evidence of the living Christ.

Reality has its way breaking the skin of our mind, body and conscience.

And we have our own way believing that such pain is evidence our own exemption from reality; Pain is evidence of our greatness. It can be said that the few who see no distinction between their own suffering and the greatness of love they feel for all, are the most deserving of God's love.

It is those few who have abandoned the God within their own skin and bones. It is within the flesh of others they are acknowledged and deserving.

The liberals mistake diversity as good in its own right. Failing to understand the best of societies not only seek to be diverse in practice, but fully expand their own self image to enable others to live their truest selves in a way that they contribute to the whole body politic.

Liberals tolerate out of a loss of direction and lack of will, they idolize their own lack of standards. This is done without a sense that those who are “tolerated” can contribute to the general direction and good, but to the very idea of Good itself. All better cultures are the combined goods of its ancestral cultures.

“Integration” is a conservatives bullshit term for domination and subversion of everything that is distinct in something “foreign” and different. “Your skin must be a vessel for our 'better culture'.”

Integration, without quotations, is a hosts ability to extend and adjust its own understanding of itself to accommodate new points of view. It allows itself to be criticized and improved upon by those who are “foreign.”

Dislike of diversity is a disdain for growth, as all growth is necessarily painful.

The final mistake of liberals: to think that the disdain for growth is an invalid belief or point of view.

Hell exists.

And it is made of “Christians.”

How many “Christians” are deserving of the label without quotations?

Few – Exceptionally few.

The few enable the many “Christians” by being forgiving to failures others.

But then: “The strength of a creature can be measured by the number of parasites it can bear”

To be thoroughly human, to be thoroughly humane: To have a conscience, and abide by it.

Undivided by primitive impulses, a proper human is through and through guided by a commitment to internal consistency and honesty towards itself.

More often than not: A euphemism for psychopathy.

They care too much about what other people think, and through valuing their own ego entirely through others, fail to be an exemplification of the most human qualities.

While fear of disappointing and failing others is an inherent driver in the most sensitive, the common person cannot see the difference between an actor who acts for the audiences sake, or the actors.

The “ambitious,” or psychopathic, rely on the most humane for their credibility and “christian” nature. Their nature insults the most basic humanity in expressing the most base character of a social creature: to manipulate others to its own ends.

The psychopath, the “ambitious christian,” serves a singular, good purpose: It is a dog to be trained upon society, sicced upon its most dangerous enemies with the expectation that it will die doing so.

Everything I look at is God. Everything is Godly, and is God manifesting in material form.

God is imminently present, and I love it all as a singular being. All of the inflicted pain is an opportunity to remind me that God is all things, and I am in Gods hands. All that I have thus far experienced, has put me into a place that I can feel this love for everything.

There is nothing beyond my grace; Everything is a part of me.

My whole experience is love: I would die for it all.