Your Own Childishness


What is overcoming others, other than the overcoming of the shortest obstacles, of which we select for our own convenience, around us?

I have outdone my neighbor! A declaration of little worth, since you pick among your neighbors the easiest to overcome in the easiest of tasks.

What if I overcome the best of them in the best of tasks? The best by your self serving judgment! Like a child playing with an adult, “I beat you! I beat you!” The adult looks shyly around for your sake, embarrassed by you.

The best of targets is your own self. The best of people hate their own selves whom they have left behind and below. A cringe at a memory: a sign of overcoming, like remembering your own declarations “I beat you!” But now you as the adult of your own self's child.

But you are still child to your own self. Not now, but later. You will look back on yourself, now, with shame. Such is growth and overcoming; good health in good spirits.

Too much self acceptance is a shamelessness of weakness, without the pain needed to move beyond your own self. One who feels pain over oneself does not think of other similarly, at least not easily.

You cringe at yourself, how can you think yourself as being better than a child now? You accept others better than you accept yourself.