The “Neuro-diverse”


The 'liberal' is “neuro-diverse.”

"Your mind is immoral by all any standards: The standards must not be 'diverse' enough."

There is a hidden contempt, and complacency in such thinking. The liberal is lazy in widening their short arms to embrace more.

Why not as follows, "Your immorality is failure. But a failure in how the world has presented itself to you thusly"?

It is not just you, but the world. And what are you, but a world condensed through a smaller perspective. Are you made by nature or nurture? Show me the line in-between, and I will show you the line where logic meets feeling.

Two, or more, things collide and make you. Yet you are rejected or accepted not with hope of change and alignment, but with the assumption that you are too weak for change. You can be made better, and the strongest know better, but the weakest and most "liberal" reach out to you in "love."

Pity, if you have energy for it, those who lower their expectations for others to what they expect from themselves.