The Mistake in Politics

The liberals mistake diversity as good in its own right. Failing to understand the best of societies not only seek to be diverse in practice, but fully expand their own self image to enable others to live their truest selves in a way that they contribute to the whole body politic.

Liberals tolerate out of a loss of direction and lack of will, they idolize their own lack of standards. This is done without a sense that those who are “tolerated” can contribute to the general direction and good, but to the very idea of Good itself. All better cultures are the combined goods of its ancestral cultures.

“Integration” is a conservatives bullshit term for domination and subversion of everything that is distinct in something “foreign” and different. “Your skin must be a vessel for our 'better culture'.”

Integration, without quotations, is a hosts ability to extend and adjust its own understanding of itself to accommodate new points of view. It allows itself to be criticized and improved upon by those who are “foreign.”

Dislike of diversity is a disdain for growth, as all growth is necessarily painful.

The final mistake of liberals: to think that the disdain for growth is an invalid belief or point of view.