The Deepest Memories

Impressed upon the mind through pain, the deepest memories are of the worst things that have happened to us.

The worst things that have happened to us are not painful simply because they happened. But remain painful because we feel that we deserve what happened to us.

The mind searches for a lesson where very few can be found; fear grows out of a dissatisfaction of this need. Like picking at a scab, the mind reopens wounds to alleviate an immediate discomfort by searching for what is not there.

Accepting that having reasons to blame yourself is not evidence of singular fault. A person does not choose who they are, that they are born, and among whom they are born. We are products of things only beyond our control, and we do not control our failures.

We only believe in free will if we want to claim the right to blame and punish. The better of us reserves that right for against ourselves. The best of us realize that we are our own persecutors.