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“All sins are forgivable, and will be forgiven.”

In short, the beginning of the end; How to kick all of morality out from underneath yourself.

Those who believe sin, are often the most sinful.


Having fallen in love, a lover says “I know now that all the pain in life I have lived thus far was to bring me to this point with you.”

This is precisely what is meant by Nietzsche in reference to the greatest mindset – Amor Fati – but towards life and the world as it now wills.


Optimism is the unfinished sentence.

Pessimism is the forced punctuation: an early end.


The function of a military is to bring the worst out in a person,

Then direct it towards the enemy.


There is release in finding a way to write what one feels now. Better yet knowing that no harm will be done as no one will read it.


At times, all people, places, and things serve the exclusive purpose of being a temptation for suicide.


I want little more than to live lightly, and unburdened.

Unburdened by the expectations of family, friends, and strangers: to live by my own conscience.

To live by my own conscience is my only requirement.

The predicament is thus, as my conscience demands:

“Live by your nature, and yourself. Give yourself entirely to others as others are what make you. Make your family as you would make yourself, and work to make your peers expect more from themselves than they are themselves now.”

I want to be, more than anything else: myself. In being myself, I leave myself little of myself.

I am killing myself to be myself.

And I am sorry for those around me that I am not otherwise.


I do not tell others my goals.

They will point out: They are unrealistic an impractical.

I need some unrealism - It till force me to stretch myself.


"I don't like religion, but I believe in God."

What is belief in God without religion?