Does the “Christian” deserve to have its identity smeared by quotations?

Or is it “Christianity” that deserves to have itself mocked similarly?

Whichever way. Few would argue that the name of Christ needs any encasement, other than that of full respect and honor.

Christ looked up to the sky, crucified in the desert of Israel, “Father, why have you forsaken me?” He spoke on behalf on all of his followers, following him many centuries after, who had been forced to abandon their most essential beliefs out of necessity.

The Christian, under pressure of material pressures, is enjoined with Christ, declaring: “It is us who deserves God and is abandoned by him. And he has forsaken us as he has forsaken himself as Christ.” These persecutors are beyond loving.

Christ pushes his legs against the nails between the bones of his feet, pressing up and splitting the muscles of his feet up to his ankles; His conscience condemned him to this, and his nature is condemned by the entirety of society.

The Christian is left feeling validated by its repudiation and rejection by reality and society. His unfitness is vindication, the evidence of weakness and failure is evidence of the living Christ.

Reality has its way breaking the skin of our mind, body and conscience.

And we have our own way believing that such pain is evidence our own exemption from reality; Pain is evidence of our greatness. It can be said that the few who see no distinction between their own suffering and the greatness of love they feel for all, are the most deserving of God's love.

It is those few who have abandoned the God within their own skin and bones. It is within the flesh of others they are acknowledged and deserving.