It is not that all views, all religions, all beliefs are equally valuable. They are not equally correct, or equally effective or appropriate.

It is that they, assuming we share in kind a core, material reality however chaotic it may be, are converging upon some shared central point.

These spirals move towards a point never touching; Only superficially appearing to overlap.

All doctrines and all faiths are a means to an end: That end is the marriage of our personal nature with the rest of it.

The ends do not touch in the end, it only infinitely approaches. It would be a minimization of everything human if it did; All of life, memorable at least, is the product of conflict and sacrifice.

There most likely is no central point. The central point likely spirals on its own, the averaging of our collective and uncultured selves towards a shifting and expanding nature. A spiral within a spiral; Let us leave everything at two dimensions.